Walsworth Road Baptist Church

Worship Services

We meet for worship on Sundays at 10.30am and generally at 6.30pm and everyone is very welcome to come along and join us. We also have a number of “4-5-6” services each year where we meet for worship at 4pm, have cake and coffee at 5pm, and are home by 6pm. Our services are open and friendly and we want everyone attending to feel a key part of our worship of God, through our Saviour Jesus Christ.

We have mixture of modern songs and traditional hymns, which are usually projected onto a large screen (though we do have hymn books available for those who prefer to use them, and large-print copies are also available).

We use the New International Version of the Bible (the NIV) because we believe that it is a true and accurate translation, but it is also accessible and easily understood.

All of our worship leaders are amplified via our sound system, we have a T-loop system for those who are hard of hearing, and all of our services are recorded onto CD, with copies available for those who couldn’t attend or just want to ‘catch-up’.

At our morning services, the younger people stay in for the first part of our worship, then after a short family-oriented message, they leave to continue with their own activities at ‘JAM Club’ - the ‘Jesus and Me Club’ which replaced our Sunday School a few years ago. JAM Club has separate groups based on the school academic years - for more details, click here

Twice a month we have our Communion services, which are generally on the 1st Sunday in the month at our morning service, and the 3rd Sunday in the month at our evening service. We have an ‘open’ Communion table and everyone who loves our Lord Jesus Christ is welcome to join in and take bread and wine with us.

At least once per term we have a Parade Service at which the members of our Scout and Guide troops join with us at a family service.

The details of our services can be found in our Church Magazine, in the weekly Notice Sheet, and on this web site at  Diary

We hope that you will come along and join us in worship very soon!