Walsworth Road Baptist Church


We are Walsworth Road Baptist Church!

We are a friendly and all-age Baptist church family in Hitchin, Hertfordshire who gather in response to the love of God and the invitation of Jesus, and who live under the Lordship of Jesus and in the power of his Spirit; we are supportive of each other and welcoming of new faces; we are active and busy as a church, and are still discovering what it means to be church; we enjoy being with God and with each other in worship.

We have been reading the Bible together, and encouraging each other to hear God's voice as we do; we are strengthening our prayer life together; we have contact with more than 250 children and young people each week during term time, in a range of activities and opportunities, and our summer Holiday Clubs (and HC Extra) are well attended, mobilise a great team and leave us exhausted but fulfilled; our lunch club sees 40+ older friends enjoying good food and friendship; we have been experimenting in outreach events within the town; we are recognised as 'the church that does the shoeboxes', but our mission includes much more than this significant project; we are exploring what it means to be Baptist, and Baptists together, but we worship and work well with other Christians in the town, valuing one another's varied insights and traditions, and co-operating in shared mission projects within schools and with events and Christian presence within the town centre.

We are also a church that knows what it is to be disappointed, to be weak, to feel discouraged and heart-broken - and we like the line that "we are a church where it's OK to be not OK". We have our big questions, and recognise that some won't have answers in this life. We share each other's burdens, and we feel one another's hurt; with St Paul, we prayerfully long to know the power of the resurrection, but believe that we too can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. We draw strength from the incarnate Christ who has walked where we walk, from the crucified Christ who has redeemed us through his suffering and death, from the risen Christ who, risen just like the morning sun, offers his life-giving peace to bewildered disciples, and from the ascended Christ who yet intercedes for us.

We do believe that the church is not the buildings - it is the people; we do however think that, through our investment in their development and improvement, our premises today are a real asset to our welcome, our witness and our work.

We are Walsworth Road Baptist Church!