Walsworth Road Baptist Church

Giving to WRBC

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In a Baptist Church like ours, almost all of the income received each year comes from voluntary giving by the Church congregation. Our only other source of income is the letting of rooms to various local organisations.

As a church, WRBC does not receive any money from a higher organisation, such as the Baptist Union - in fact, we give to the Baptist Union and the Central Baptist Association to support them!

There are three ways that giving can be done:-

1. By a bank Standing Order

2. By cheque

3. By cash placed in the offertory bag.

If you would like to contribute regularly to the work of WRBC, then the easiest way is by Standing Order.  The details to set up a Standing Order are at the bottom of this page and this can be done either online (if you use online banking) or in the local branch of your bank.

A Standing Order also is helpful if you are a tax payer, because we can then claim back tax from HMRC via the Gift Aid scheme. The tax that can be recovered is currently equal to a further £2.50 for every £10 donated and this is a really valuable source of income for our Church.

To do this, a simple Declaration Form needs to be completed so that the giving can be linked to you. You will probably have encountered this if you visited a stately home, wildlife reserve, cathedral, etc.

A Gift Aid form can be found here

All giving is, of course, confidential between the donor and the Church Treasurer.

Standing Order details are: